The Warlocks of the Fates (Sinryu Senki)
Neo Conception International announced on March 31, 2012 that they had acquired this game. They also stated that they would have it "on display" at a video game shop in Japan. Allegedly, the game is "on loan" to the shop for a few months, presumably for the purpose of creating excitement & interest for the games upcoming "controlled community release", as well as to give the shop some free attention. Whether or not N.C.I. secured the game data prior to leaving the game in the store is unknown. A member of the NEO-GEO.COM forums did manage to take a picture of the item at the store inside the display case. The picture shows an old style home cart box with a black & white artwork insert, as well as a home cartridge with a sepia colored cart sticker on which the Astec21 name can be clearly seen. N.C.I. themselves has not provided any additional pictures or information on either their website, their facebook page, or their twitter account.

I have decided to repost some clear emulated shots of the game just as a "reminder" to the comunnity (since the passing of time tends to cause amnesia, confusion, & speculation) that the game has been confirmed to be "dumped" (safeguarded) since at least January of 2005 when emulated shots first surfaced for it. So whether or not N.C.I. obtained the game directly from that same source, is still unclear, but regardless, the game is and has been dumped for at least 7 years now.

A 1995 one-on-one fighting game from a manufacturer called Astec. The game has a slight resemblance to Ragnagard. It looks like the play control would be unbearable! It may also have been intended to be a NEO•GEO CD release. Although it has yet to be confirmed, there are rumors that the game may have been found. However, the sources that lay claims to having the game, have yet to show any solid proof whatsoever, hence why the title remains away from my timeline. I require a minimum level of information for a claim to be officially recognized , but if even that minimum cannot be met, then I will NOT substantiate it here.

One very unique characteristic about this game is that most fighting games have the ROUND TIMER and LIFE BARS for the players located at the top of the screen, yet this game has them located on the bottom. In fact, the only other arcade fighting game which I can think of that has this unique layout is Konami's 1993 Martial Champion. Known as Sinryu Senkii in Japan, some reports claim that it was shown at a trade show around June of 1995. We have many more pics for this game which will be uploaded soon! Stand By!