Dance Rhyth Mix
In 1998 Konami pioneered an innovative gaming sensation by creating a new genre with the introduction of the "Bemani" series of games. Best known for the Dance Dance Revolution series, these games involved a gameplay premise which required the players to perform certain functions at certain times for gameplay to progress forward. Several companies soon followed suit with their own clones of this type of gameplay. Andamiro and Sammy were among them. ADK has been thought to be long since out of the NEOGEO and arcade gaming scene. The last title they released for the Neo Geo was Twinkle Star Sprites in 1996. However, as seen in these pictures, ADK seemed to have jumped on board the Bemani craze with a neogeo dance game at some point in the past. It is uncertain as to when this game was designed, although the first known informational report is dated September 30, 2003, but its delay or cancelation may very well have been due to the copyright and legal infringements which Konami imposed upon the first wave of clones that hit the market. ADK may have backed away from the situation by holding the game back in anticipation of a possibly nasty scenario. Hopefully someone out there held onto a beta or proto of the cartridge and perhaps maybe someday it will surface.

Recent deliberations have put forth the possibility that this game may not have been part of the sequential game code list. It may have likely been a utility cart which would have used a new application. The buttons shown in the how to play pic clearly show the incorrect NEO-GEO color assignment. Furthermore, the joystick may not be utilized the same as with regular games. (Rather then 8 way function it may have required simultaneous positional inputs...not possible with a joystick)