Final Romance 2
This game was actually released on SNK's NEO•GEO CD system. It is one of eight "exclusive" titles which were made solely for the CD system. However, it is also available as a proto in cartridge format. Gameplay is that of your typical mahjong game. This was the fifth and final mahjong title for the NEO•GEO system and was released in 1995. The game of Mahjong is very popular in Japan as well as several other parts of the world. However since the dominoes or "pieces" have Japanese writing, a minimum of a basic understanding of the language coupled with an impressive understanding of how to play the game of Mahjong itself would be required for the game to be "playable" and thus enjoyable. This is pretty much the case with the other 4 NEO•GEO Mahjongs as well.

Not much is known regarding the history & facts of who assembled the rom cartridge version of this game. It is also not as readily and easily found on the internet. Only hard core neogeo cartridge collectors have gone through the trouble and expense to add the game to their library. I received from a fairly reliable source, that the individuals who should be credited with working on this project are "NewDump", "Kanyero", & "Kikexx". For the time being, and with many thanks to their hard work involved in the conversion, we are all able to play this on a cartridge system, the way it was originally intended. Hopefully someday, as with Ironclad, the official rom data will be released so we can have it 100% complete with all the sound / music functions active.