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Look below at Sammy's Dunk Star basketball proto in all its emulated glory ready to be played and enjoyed by the NEO-GEO fans! You do not even have this proto! You need to share what you have so that others can share what they have. The protos are part of NEO-GEO history and we want to ensure that they are all made available for everyone to play. Whatever you paid for them, we will gladly reimburse to you. Think about your decision. In time, eventually, ALL of the protos will be found and will become available anyways so why wait? We are all on the same team. We all love this system. Let us both share with eachother so that everyone can enjoy these games. Be kind. Be good. Help us.

Dunk Star
Also shown at the 1991 CES trade show, this was to become the first basketball game released for the NeoGeo system. An anonymous person recorded on tape at the show had this to say while discussing it with another show attendee: "Yes, unfortunately that is NEO-GEO basketball. Let's hope it's not finished. I don't know what happened. Who knows, maybe it'll get better. But it's coming out soon so I...I think it's... complete." The game may have simply not quite measured up to set quality standards as it was never released. A few years later in 1994, a far superior basketball game by Data East called Street Slam (or Dunk Dream in Japan) was released for the system. These two games however are entirely different. Also the only other game that we know of manufactured by Sammy for the NeoGeo system is the amazing shooter Viewpoint. In late 2002, the arcade promo flyer was discovered for the game. A scan of it is provided below.

licensee title screen
intro in your face!
slam dunk! 3 point shot!
gameplay full 5 on 5 action!
option settings cabinet ready

Dunk Star Flyer!